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Article 52

The Supervisory Board is independent organ of UETS.
The Assembly is electing members of the Supervisory Board with mandate of four years, with possibility of re-election.
The Supervisory Board consists of five members, who elect the President between themselves.
Sessions of the Supervisory Board are called and chaired by president of the Supervisory Board.
The members of Managing Board cannot be members of the Supervisory Board.

Article 53
The Supervisory Board has right and duty to control the operation of UETS, especially the implementation of Statute and other general acts; to monitor the material and financial operation of UETS in accordance with the valid rules and regulations, financial plan and final balance of UETS, as well as the appropriate and rational use of UETS funds.
The Supervisory Board must submit a report on its work to the Assembly and once a year after the final balance, it prepares a report on material-financial operation of UETS which submits to Assembly and advises the Managing Board and Secretary General on the monitoring results, on which they are obliged to undertake necessary measures.

Article 54
For the purpose of execution of its tasks, the Supervisory Board is entitled to request from the Secretary General and UETS organs to allow him the insight into the documents and data at the disposal of UETS.
The Supervisory Board is also entitled to give opinion on UETS organs` members compensations and to request from the UETS funds beneficiaries the documentation and data on funds spending, for the purpose of establishment of facts of interest for UETS operation.

Article 55
The Supervisory Board is making decision with simple majority of votes of total number of members.

The Supervisory Board adopts the Rules of Procedure on its operation.


Article 56
The Court of Honour consists of five members, elected by the Assembly from its rank for the period of four years.

Article 57
The Court of Honour has a duty to protect the expert reputation of the engineering-technicians' organization of Serbia. For that purpose, the Court of Honour is undertaking measures, initiates a procedure and pronounces the measures against each member, who has violated the reputation of the engineering-technicians' organization and its members.

Article 58
The Ethical Codex and special Regulations are regulating the more detailed provisions on organization and operation of the Court of Honour.


Article 59
The President and Vice-president of UETS are elected by the Assembly from its ranks, at the proposal of Managing Board. The mandate of the President and Vice-president is four years, with possibility of re-election.

Article 60
The President of UETS:

The President is responsible for his work to the Assembly and Managing Board of UETS.
In case of President's absence, his authorizations, jobs and tasks shall be performed by the Vice-Presidents or one of the members of Managing Board authorized by President.
In the best interest of the coordination of work President forms Coordination Board consisting of President, Vice-President, Secretary General and persons on responsible positions in UETS and UETS members, depending on themes and jobs which are taken in consideration.


Article 61
The Managing Board appoints the Secretary-General for the period of four years at the proposal of President and UETS members.
The same person may be re-elected.

Article 62
The Secretary General may be appointed a person with University degree from the rank of Engineers, with tested expert and organizational abilities, necessary for managing position, with established reputation and experience in work within engineers' technicians' organizations and in economy..

Article 63
The Secretary-General carries out the following jobs in accordance with the Law and this Statute:

Article 64
The employment rights and duties of the Secretary-General are realized in accordance with the Law,  UETS general acts, and decisions of Managing Board.

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