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Article 9
The UETS is realizing its aims and tasks independently and directly and in cooperation with its members, professional and multidisciplinary associations organized at the republican level, provincial, regional and municipal associations.

Economic activites and activities in the area of education and health care stipulated by this Statute are mentioned in the Register of Economic Entities, and are performed in accordance with valid regulation the field in which these activities are being carried out.

Article 10
For the purpose of realization of aims and tasks, established by this Statute, the UETS may carry out the following economic and other activities:

9412 – Activities of professional membership organizations (professional organization in technical    filed including association of experts engaged in scientific activities);

The predominant economic activity of the Union is

5811- Publishing of books

Economic activities of the Union shall be performed in accordance with the article 37 of the Law on Associations of Citizens.

Article 11
The activity from Article 10. of this Statute can be realized with members and other legal and physical persons through its expert service.
The UETS activities and jobs are developed through the professional work (expert service, experts, authors' work etc.) and voluntary work.
For the purpose of performance of its activity, the UETS may establish companies, centers and agencies within its system, with its members and other legal and physical persons in the country and abroad.
The Development Center is established within the UETS, whose organization, operation, funding and competence are regulated by a special Regulation, adopted by the Managing Board. Development Centre activities and projects are performed thorough professional work and volunteering activities. In the purpose of more effective and sucessful work in the Development Centre ad hoc teams for different tasks can be formed.

For the purpose of efficient  and successful work of UETS following Boards are established

Decisions on establishing of the Boards and their membership are within the competence of Managing Board.


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