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Article 72
The work of UETS organs is public.
As an exception, a UETS organ may decide that a meeting is held out of public.

Article 73
The UETS has its magazine "Tehnika". The UETS may have its temporary or permanent publication, publishes books, manuals, monographies and other editions whose publishing is established by a special Regulation on publishing activity adopted by the Managing Board.
The UETS has its web site and takes care of its editing and updating.


Article 74
The Managing Board establishes the UETS Expert Service for the purpose of execution of administrative-expert, financial, technical, and other jobs of UETS, its organs and bodies, as well as jobs of House at Kneza Miloša No. 7 and House at Kneza Miloša No. 9-11. The UETS Expert Service doesn't have a capacity of a legal person. Expert service is managed by Secretary General.

Article 75
The employment rights, duties and responsibilities of employees within the Expert Service are realized in accordance with the Law and UETS general acts, made by UETS Organs and Secretary General.Regulations on work, organization and systematization of jobs and tasks of workers of Expert service are adopted by Secretary General.


Article 76
The UETS ceases to operate in the cases, foreseen by the Law.
The Assembly is adopting the decision on termination of UETS operation.
In case of termination of UETS operation, the entire property shall temporarily belong to a corresponding nonprofit legal entity founded in purpose of realization of the same o similar purposes. The Assembly of UETS shall make decision on this at the proposal of Supervisory Board.

Article 77
The UETS President is obliged to advise the competent institution on termination of UETS operation in the term of 15 days for the purpose of erasure from the Register.

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