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Article 12

The members of UEST are equal in their rights, obligations and responsibilities.
The Membership with UETS is:

1. Individual membership - individual members

Article 13
The individual members of UETS may be: regular, extraordinary, honorary and meritorious.

Article 14
The regular members are: graduate engineers, engineers and technicians

Article 15
The extraordinary members of engineering-technicians' organization may be: the students of engineering and science and individuals from other areas, who are actively collaborating on the realization of aims and tasks of the engineering-technician organization of Serbia.

Article 16
The regular and extraordinary members are joining UETS or UETS members on a basis of personal wish. The UETS is not collecting the application fee and the basic subscription.

Article 17
The status of regular or extraordinary member of engineering-technicians' organization of Serbia is acquired by signing the membership form in one of the members or in UETS.
The regular member is accepting the provisions of the Statute and the Ethical Codex of Union of Engineers and Technicians by signing the membership form.

Article 18
All the members pay the application fee and the basic subscription in organizations- members of UETS.
Members, by decision of their organs, establish the amount of application fee and the basic subscription.

Article 19
The regular and extraordinary members are getting membership card, which is unified for the entire engineering-technicians' organization of Serbia. The membership card, beside the mark "IT" and title of Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia, contains a full title of UETS or member, which the member is joining, personal data of the member, as well as a column for inscription of paid subscription.

Article 20
The rights of regular members are:

Article 21
The duties of regular members of the engineering-technicians' organization of Serbia are:

The special rights and duties of members of engineering-technicians' organization of Serbia are established by this Statute or by the Statutes of members and other acts.

Article 22
The election for honorary member is an acknowledgment to individuals, engineers and technicians and other persons out of technical field of specialization, which have distinguished themselves in the profession, in the economic and scientific development of Republic of Serbia and the engineering-technicians' organization.

Article 23
A regular or extraordinary member of the engineering-technicians' organization may be elected for a meritorious member due to his long-term active engagement, work and contribution in realization of aims and tasks of the engineering-technicians' organization of Serbia.

Article 24
The UETS Assembly is proclaiming the honorary and meritorious members.

Article 25
The conditions and way of proclamation of honorary and meritorious members, as well as granting of other awards shall be regulated by a special Book of Regulations, adopted by UETS Assembly.

2. Collective members and way of organization of UETS

Article 26
Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia beside individual members has its collective members: republic`s professional and multidisciplinary engineering-technicians`, engineers` or technicians` associations, provincially, municipal and regional engineering-technicians`, engineers` or technicians` associations established with a territorial principle;

Associations perform their activities in accordance with the Law, their Statutes and other acts as well as with the UETS Statute whose members are.

Article 27

The determination of the proposal for membership for new members, registered in accordance with the Law on Associations of Citizens is carried out by the Managing Board on the basis of the request of association and decision on acceptance of this Statute, while the decision on membership is carried by UETS Assembly.
Previous members by the decision on acceptance of this Statute automatically became members of UETS with obligation to harmonize their Statutes with the provisions of the Law on Associations of Citizens, and this Statute in statutory term.

Article 28

The title of the newly established association cannot be identical to the titles of other associations already registered or applied to be registered in the Register of Associations.

The title of the associations must not be replaceable with the title of other association, and must not provoke any confusion concerning association, its tasks and purposes or its legal identity.

Article 29
The UETS members, by rule, have the capacity of a legal person and are independent in their organization and work except in obligations coming out from this Statute and other normative acts. The members have special rights and obligations concerning the application of UETS Regulations, if they are using UETS business premises for their activities in accordance with UETS organs` decisions.

The UEST and members have joint and several liabilities for the mutually created obligations in accordance with the Agreement.

Article 30
The UETS provided equal rights, obligations and responsibility of each member:
The rights and obligations of UETS members and their organizational forms are:

Article 31
The UETS members agree that the UETS organs may initiate and undertake certain activities and concrete measures and provide help to organizations with conditions, which are endangering their operations.

Article 32
The disputes between the members, concerning the implementation of this Statute, as well as the issue of realization of mutually established aims and tasks within UETS, shall be solved by agreement before the authorized organs of UETS and UETS members` representatives.

Article 33
The capacity of UETS member shall terminate:

Article 34
The member, whose membership within UETS has been terminated, is responsible for the obligations, undertaken to the day of termination of capacity of an UETS member, by which all acquired rights cease to exist, including the immediate loss of right to use the business premises.

3. Interest members

Article 35
The interest members of the UETS may be the legal persons (companies, institutions, associations etc), who express their wish and need to realize the aims and tasks of mutual interest, as well as to provide material contribution to the activities and operation of the UETS and its members.

The mutual rights and obligations with collective members shall be regulated by a special agreement.

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