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Article 36
The Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia is interested and specially engaged in fulfilling of certain interests of UETS individual members, which are being organized and developed among other in different forms of operation and activity:

Article 37

1.Engineering Academy JINA

The UETS and UETS members are interested in existence and work of Yugoslav Engineering Academy since UETS is one of founders of Engineering Academy.
Engineering Academy is founded in accordance with the Law as an independent form of work, has its Statute, its Organs and sources of financing.
The UETS, as one of the original founders of Engineering Academy, in its name and in the name of its members which authorized UETS to represent them, expresses its interest for existence of Academy and its activities, among other, by participating of its representatives in the work of JINA Assembly and providing certain conditions for its work and performing of its activities. The UETS provides business premises, certain material, financial and logistics support. Engineering Academy is obliged that in its general acts, documents and reports, mention on appropriate way, its founders and their contribution to its work.
The mutual rights and obligations between UETS like its founder and Engineering Academy are regulated by the Agreement.
The founders and Engineering Academy form, on a parity basis, the Assembly of Engineering Academy which takes care and decides on implementation and conduction of Founding Act.
If the founding rights and other mutually regulated rights are not accomplished the UETS has right to cancel fulfillment of its obligations towards Engineering Academy on which decision is made by the UETS Organs.
The report on operation of Engineering Academy concerning UETS as a founder and financier of its expenditures and business premises is to be submitted to the UETS organs at least once in a year.

2. Other ways of work and organization

The UETS and its members are interested in existence, work and activities of Serbian Chamber of Engineers, which is formed and performs its activities in accordance with the Law, rights, duties and authorizations which has , as well as in establishimg of different ways of mutual cooperation.
UETS and its members are interested in existence and work of the labour union, which would, in accordance with the Law, protect professional, expert and social interests of its members.

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