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Article 46
The Managing Board is the UETS organ, which is managing UETS in accordance with the Law and this Statute.

Article 47
The Managing Board consists 7 members. The President, Vice-President and the Secretary-General of UETS are members of Managing Board in accordance with their functions. The other four members of Managing Board are elected by Assembly on a proposal of the UETS Coordination Board from the rank of active and prominent members of UTS and its members.

Article 48

The duration of Managing Board members mandate is four years, with possibility of re-election.
It is possible to add up to 1/3 of Managing Board members during a mandate in accordance with the needs and at the proposal of  President if elected member is not active or cannot participate in its work for good reasons. The mandate of on this way elected members of Managing Board is to be verified by UETS Assembly on first meeting.

Article 49
The Managing Board is carrying out the following jobs within its rights and duties:

Article 50
The Managing Board is working at the sessions, called and chaired by the President of UETS, or in case of his absence, Vice-President, Secretary General or a member of Managing Board, authorized by the President.
The sessions of Managing Board are held on needs basis, at least four times a year.
The Managing Board is making valid decisions if more than 50% of members of Managing Board are present and by majority of votes of present members.
The Managing Board is responsible for his work to the Assembly of UETS.

Article 51

The UETS organs, may form permanent or temporary working bodies as their accessory organs.
The composition, rights and duties of working bodies are established by the UETS organ, which has formed them.

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