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Article 65

The UETS acquire assets and revenues in accordance with this Statute.
The property is ,exclusively used for realization of aims of UETS, for realization of incomes for covering the work and business expenses, for earnings and other needs of Expert Service, for current and investment maintenance of Houses, for expert activities as well as for other purposes in accordance with the organ's decision and needs for normal and successful performing of operations.

The taking care of the property is within competence of the Secretary General and employees within the Expert Service according to the delegated duties, Managing Board, and UETS Assembly is in charge of property alienation.

Article 66

The UETS assets shall be used to achieve the statutory goals only. The UETS assets cannot be distributed to its members, founders, members of UETS organs, management and employees or their affiliated persons.

The affiliated persons shall be the persons specified as such under the Law governing companies.

Provisions of paragraph 1 and 2 hereof shall not relate to giving occasional respective awards and remuneration of reasonable expenses incurred through the pursuance of statutory goals of the UETS (travel expenses, per diems, accommodation expenses, etc.), contracted encumbrance liabilities and payment of employees’ salaries.

 Any disposal of the UETS assets contrary to the provisions of the Law on Association shall be null and void.  

Article 67

In order to pursue the goals and tasks prescribed under the present Statute, UETS shall ensure the profit and assets through its own operation, professional and scientific, educational, publishing and other activities, certain program actions, pursuance of other economic and other activities within the statutory goals and specified under the present Statute, by utilizing the UETS property and granting its lease, financing certain activities of the UETS by competent institutions, companies, stakeholders and other entities, donations, voluntary contributions, gifts (in money and in kind), financial subventions, dead persons’ estates, interest rates on deposits, dividends, from the participation of  leases and the UETS members in joint direct costs relating to the use of business premises (electricity, water, heating consumption, costs of utility services, security and real estate insurance, etc.), and though other sources, in accordance with the Law and Statute.  Economic activities specified hereunder shall be entered in the Business Entities Register and shall be pursued in accordance with the regulations governing the field to which the pursued activities pertain. The UETS shall not be entitled to distribute its profits from business or other activities to its members, members of the Association bodies and management, employees or their affiliated persons.

Any individuals and legal entities that make contributions, give gifts and donations to the UETS may be exempted from the relevant tax obligations in accordance with the Law introducing the relevant public revenue.

Article 68
The UETS funds are established and distributed by a financial plan, which is adopted by Managing Board every year, before the end of March for the current year at latest. The results of operations are expressed in the annual balance sheet adopted by the Managing Board.
The some funds, administrative-technical premises, and business premises for work and functioning of Engineering Academy are provided by UETS as a founder and that is regulated by the mutual Agreement.

Article 69
The UETS members may join part of their funds at the UETS level for the purpose of realization of mutual aims and tasks.
In case of undertaking of mutual actions and jobs, the way of funding and distribution of incomes are established by special agreements, like other issues in relation with the realization of actions and jobs.

Article 70
The Managing Board adopts the Regulations, which are regulating the more detailed provisions on material-financial operations of UETS.

Article 71

The UETS is liable with its property for obligations, which have originated from its activity.

UETS members and organs maybe held personally liable fot UETS obligations, if they use UETS property as their own and in case of it abuse for ilegal purposes.


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