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Article 39
The UETS organs are:


Article 40
The Assembly is the most important UETS organ.
The Assembly consists of presidents of UETS member, presidents of the Boards and Manager of the Development Centre.

The Assembly verifies the mandates of its members.  

The Assembly sessions can be attended by the representatives of UETS interest members, without right of decision-making.

Article 41
The competence of Assembly includes:

Article 42
The duration mandate of Assembly members is four years, with possibility of re-election.
The Assembly is held on the need basis, at least once a year and   Elective Assembly every four years.

Extraordinary session is called at least 30 days from the day of submission of the written request of at least 1/3 of UETS members or 1/3 UETS Assembly members, Supervisory Board or Secretary General for its maintenance.

Article 43
The Assembly is making valid decision if more than 50% members of Assembly are present at meeting.
The Assembly is making valid decision by majority of votes of present members.
For valid decisions on Statute modifications and amendments, status – related changes and termination of UETS operation it is needed majority of votes the 50% of UEST Assembly members.

Article 44
An Assembly meeting is scheduled by the UETS President at his own initiative, on the basis of Managing Board decision. Extraordinary session is scheduled  at the initiative of 1/3 of UETS members or 1/3 of UETS Assembly members, Supervisory Board or Secretary General, submitted in written form 30 days before the date of the session.

Article 45
The Rules of Procedure, adopted by the Assembly, is establishing more detailed provisions on the Assembly operation, composition and work of its members.

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