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 Professional - Scientific meeting
Water supply and sewarage`12

Professional Scientific Meeting: "Water supply and sewage `12"  in the organization of the Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia, will take place from October 9th-11th, 2011 in Vrsac, hotel "Serbia".

The purpose of the Professional – Scientific Meeting is to contribute, through detailed analysis and scientific discussion on technical, technological, economical, research and legal questions connected with production and drinking water supply, sewage disposal and waste water treatment in the populous areas, to the exchange of experience , knowledge, ideas and information on the newest achievements and solutions between meeting participants and to improvement of   business results of the water supply and sewage companies.

Main topics of the meeting are:

For information on accommodation, admission fee, advertising and commercial presentations please be free to contact us: e-mail: office@sits.rs    tel: + 381 11 3230 067


Scientific technical meeting with international participation

30th Scientific technical meeting, with international participation, HIPNEF took place from 24-26  May 2006. in Vrnjacka Banja.

The meeting, which take place every two years, had as main issues practical and theoretical questions in the area of

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Scientific meeting with international participation
Environment and Sustainable Development


Ecologica –Scientific Professional Society for Environmental Protection of Serbia in cooperation with Faculty of Physical Chemistry and Bulgarian National Union of Scientist –Rousse organized International conference on Environment and Sustainable development. The Conference was held in Belgrade on April 23-25, 2007.

Conference program comprised various themes including the themes focused on problems of improvement of quality and environment protection.


Opening of the last year`s meeting "Natural resources basis of tourism"

This Conference was organized for experts in the field of environment protection, researchers, economists, lawyers, engineers, inspectors, and all others who have a responsible attitutde towards the environment protection in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

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