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 Second International Thematic Monograph

The Role of Green Economy Transition in 
Green Growth and Environmental Protection

The multidisciplinary monograph "The role of green economy  transition in green growth and environmental protection" is dedicated to the consideration of important areas of application of the postulates of the Green Economy in order to achieve the transition towards Green Growth"

The monograph presents the work of 18 scientists, university professors and researchers from different countries of the world. Editors are emeritus prof. dr Larisa Jovanovic, prof. dr Vadim Ermakov, prof. dr Sergej Ostroumov.

Publisher: SITS

The authors of this chronicle on association, work and activities of engineers and technicians of Serbia attempted to shed more light on and bring closer to all, and not only engineers, the numerosity of actors, importance and greatness of activity and results of the Union of technical intellectual cadres of Serbia which was achieved on a limited space. The beginnings of this association are in the first Družina (Society), which was one of the first associations on our territory, as well as more widely in the region. Today, the Union has 44 organizations - members throughout Serbia, together with several tens of thousands of members.

Information on editions of SMEITS

Authors: Vidosav Majstorovic, Tatjana Sibalija
Publisher: JUSK

The Monograph "Zero Defect Manufacturing" has arisen as a response to the issue of manufacturing companies competitiveness in a complex, global industri-al environment. Besides theoretical basics of a zero defect manufacturing concept, the application of the advanced methods and quality engineering tools and techniques that aim to accomplish the zero defect paradigm, is presented in this book. Furthemore a part of original authors` research results in terms of improvement that aim to enhance the state of the art in this research field, are also presented in the monograph. 




Authors: Anja Terzic, Ljubica Pavlovic, Zagorka Acimovic Pavlovic
Publisher: Association of Metallurgical Engineers of Serbia

The monograph entitled "Characterization of new types of refractory concretes: properties and performances" is concerned with investigation of influence of microstructure on properties of new types of refractory concretes. Refractory concretes were designed on basis of following components: synthetic aggregates-corundum and bauxite, high-aluminate cement and admixtures.
Main goal of the investigation was to establish the correlation between microstructure and the most important concrete properties such are: physical, mechanical, thermomechanical properties and parameters of sintering process. Reason for such investigation was the lack of data in accesible literature that are concerned with theme of effect which microstructure has on corundum and bauxite based refractory concretes".



Publishers: Association of Chemicts and Chemical Engineers of Serbia
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia

A more detailed diagnostic assessment of the status accorded to plastics produstion and processing in Serbia has not been done for almost two decades and therefore there is no knowledge about the present potential of this industrial field. This inspired the Association of Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Rubber, and Non-metal Industry within Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia and the Association of Chemicts and Chemical Engineers of Serbia to embark of joint publication venture  - preparing and printing a Monograph entitled: " Plastics production and Processing in Serbia".

The Monograph contains texts providing a wealth of useful information to the branch, which are arranged into 7 sections.

The second part of the Monograph insludes a comprehensive catalogue of plastic producers and processors in Serbia.

50 years of Serbian National Organization for Quality UASQ - Monograph
Authors: prof. dr Vidosav Majstorovic, prof. dr Valentina Marinkovic
Publisher: UASQ

The United Association of Serbia for Quality was founded in May 1962 year. UASQ was the fifth national organization for quality, established in Europe. The initiator of the establishment was military quality control.

We can say that 50 years of work and development of our national organization are at the same time the history of quality movement in our country.

Author: Ana Kovenc Vujic
Publishers: Serbian Chamber of Engineers and Association of Belgrade Architects

From Review writen by Mr Aleksandar Kadijevic PhD " In cooperation with the Serbian Chamber of Engineers and the Association of Belgrade Architects, Ana Kovenc Vujic B. Arch initiated with ambition and successfully edited a comprehensive promotional monograph "Serbian Architects 2000-2010". As a peculiar document of the achievements of Serbian arcitecture, primarily dealing with the activities of middle-aged generation of designers, the book represents a valuable contribution to the public popularization and professional exposure of their ideas inaugurated in the first decade of the twenty-first century."


Association of Forestry Engineers and 
                Technicians of Serbia
                Faculty of Forestry- University of Belgrade 

The Balkan Peninsula, in contrast to the other part of Europe, is distinguished by a high floristic wealth, in which some dendrological species draw special attention of the scientific public. This book synthesises the domestic and foreign scinetific and professional knowledge related to sessile oak, as sessile oak forests are the most represented and the most significant after beech forests in our country. In addition to Preface, Introduction and Conclusions, the book consists of eight Chapters prepared by 27 authors. The presented study results and conclusions should be the guidelines for the enhancement of the current and sustainable management of these complex forest ecosystems, in the realisation of fundamental principles of modern forestry science and profession.


Author: Frank Kemmer
Publishers: Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia, Yugoslav Engineering Academy, “Građevinska kniga”

First Serbian edition of The Nalco Water Handbook is an ideal source of information for specialists and non specialists alike. This comprehensive sourcebook on water supply and water treatment is prepared by a staff of experts in the field and sponsored by the largest water treatment chemicals company in the world.

It provides completely practical data and techniques in the four major water conservation and use areas: (1) water chemistry, sources, and contaminants; (2) unit operations and treatment; (3) industrial and municipal use of water and its disposal; and (4) special technology in water treatment.

The publishers of this book for Serbian market are the Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia, Yugoslav Engineering Academy and “Građevinska kniga” Publishing house from Belgrade.

Authors: Predrag Petrović, Ljubiša Marković
Publisher: Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia

Monograph under the name of "Interaction of engines and engine oils" deals with very significant scinetific issues in the fields of: tribology, contamination, diagnostics, ecology and standars through the union of engines and engine oils.

It arose as the result of many years of authors` work in experimental scientific and research activities and as the outcome of experience in numerous areas of scientific engagement during their work at Industrija motora Rakovica.

They have systematized their knowledge, experience and opinions and finalized them in this publishing project which is now presented to all those who are closely concerned with science, technique, research and innovative acitnivity.


Author: Dijana Milašinović Marić
Publisher: Association of Architects of Belgrade 

“Belgrade which was founded as human settlement more than seven thousand years ago, during the history was destroyed, bombarded, robbed more than forty times, in twentieth century incomprehensibly quickly, in creative thought, spiritual strength and knowledge of the best architects, caught pace with modern movements.

The followers of great architects of the first half of the century, Dobrović, Zloković, Brašovan and others gave their contribution to the history of modern architecture of Belgrade in various conditions, financial possibilities and decisions making characteristics in the past fifty years. The time will form opinion on each of them separately.

This Guide, the first one in the history of Belgrade will be of use to all those who want to get to know and recognize real values of the architectural school of Serbs.”

Professor Spasoje Krunić, architect

Author: Žorž Popović
Publisher: Association of Architects of Belgrade

The author has made an effort to give a précis and synthesized historical overview of the development of Serbian theatre, as integral part of Serbian culture, beginning with an explanation of the term theatre, and giving the review of theatrical events in 18 and 19 century with accent on a foundation of a National theatre in Serbia.

dr Zoran T. Jovanović




Publisher: Association of Civil Engineers and Technicians of Serbia

Last edition of "Građevinski kalendar" contains original scientific papers and papers presenting the latest achievements in hydraulic engineering, construction, high road building, build

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