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The International conference and Exhibition "Prof. Dr Vujica Yevjevich, world-renowned hydrologist " 

In the organization of the Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia and the Association of Engineers of the Region of Polimlje the International conference and Exhibition "Prof. Dr Vujica Yevjevich, world-renowned hydrologist " will be held in Priboj on 16th of December 2021.

Co-organizers of the Conference are the Faculty of Civil Engineering University of Belgrade, the Faculty of Technical Sciences University of Novi Sad, the "Jaroslav Cerni" Water Institute, the Engineering Academy of Serbia and the Serbian Chamber of Engineers.

Conference and Exhibition will be held under the auspice of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia and the Municipality of Priboj.

The Conference "Prof. Dr Vujica Yevjevich, world-renowned hydrologist" aspires to shed new light on the character and work of prof. Vujica Yevjevich. Prof. Dr Vujica Yevjevich is one of the most important names in Serbian hydrology and a world-renowned scientist. Born in Priboj, he was educated in Belgrade and got his PhD in civil engineering at the Serbian Academy of Sciences in 1955. He worked on hydropower systems planning and strategic solutions of all major hydropower facilities in Yugoslavia. He lectured Hydrology and Use of Waterpower at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Belgrade. He was the first director of the Jaroslav Černi Institute and played a significant role in its founding. He spent much of his working and living life in the United States as a professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the University of Colorado and as a professor, researcher, and director of the Water Management Institute at George Washington University.

The Conference will focus on the scientific contribution of Vujica Yevjevich to a whole range of water sciences, from hydrology and hydraulics to several applied branches such as hydraulic structures, hydropower, water management, water protection, waterway management.

Special attention will be paid to his contribution to the development and introduction of stochastic methods in hydrological analysis and their application in water management, while his role in the development of applied hydraulics and hydraulic laboratory models will also be covered. Dr Yevjevic’s contribution to the development of scientific institutions in our country was very significant, but he also worked on the improvement of hydrology lecturing and the education of civil engineers in hydrotechnical curricula, so a review of that segment of his work is planned. 

 Conference will be held in the Hotel Terme 36.6 Priboj.

An exhibition about the work of Prof. Dr Vujica Yevjevich at the Native Museum in Priboj will follow the Conference. Exhibition organizers are the Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia and   the Association of Engineers of the Region of Polimlje  in cooperation with the Native Museum in Priboj. The author of the exhibition is Olivera Ćosović. The exhibition will be opened at the Native Museum in Priboj at 17:30.  


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