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“The Fourth Industrial Revolution” Scientific Conference Held

In the organization of the Union of Engineers and Technicans of Serbia, on December 13th 2019. "The Fourth Industrial Revolution" Scientific Conference was held.

Conference was organized in a cooperation with the Engineering Academy of Serbia, the Serbian Chamber of Engineers, and the Scientific Professional Society for Environmental Protection of Serbia “ECOLOGICA”.

The goal of the Conference was getting acquainted with the challenges brought by the new industrial revolution, as well as its achievements in various areas of engineering. All present were greeted by the representatives of the organizer and co-organizer. The Conference was opened by the minister in the Serbian government in charge of innovations and technological development, dr Nenad Popovic. In his speech, minister Popovic emphasized that our country has no oil, gas or gold, but that it possesses “other gold”, which is its engineers. “Engineering school at the universities in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis, Kragujevac is the most respectable thing that Serbia has today. There is no branch of economy and society where we have more respected and better quality staff, such as engineering ones, which becomes especially prominent in the fourth industrial revolution in which innovations take the fundamental place“. He stated that Serbia is the first country in the world according to its potential for development of blockchain technologies and gaming and the fifth in the world according to the quality and number of engineers. Also, Serbia has European champions in robotics and will soon get the strategy for capacity building and deployment of artificial intelligence". According to his words, it is necessary that science is oriented towards economy and to be financed from economic resources. This is why it is necessary to achieve the symbiosis of economy and industry on the one hand and science and innovations on the other hand.

Eminent lecturers introduced the participants to contemporary trends and what has been achieved so far in the world and our country. The lectures were held by: prof. dr Branko Katalinic, professor at the Technical University in Vienna and vice president of the European Academy of Engineering and the topic was Engineering challenges of the 21st century.

Professor Katalinic gave an overview of contemporary technological achievements and their influence on the humanity stating the challenges with which engineers meet today calling to decisive voice raising and active participation in the creation of better future; P

Prof. dr Vidosav Majstorovic on the topic of Industry 4.0 and contemporary production;

Mrs Mirjana Scheele, on the topic of Industry 4.0 and the role of telecommunications, which introduced all present to the achievements in the field of telecommunications and models of their practical application through projects whose realization is led by the company Nokia;

Prof. dr Stevan Stankovski, pro-rector of the University in Novi Sad on the topic of Mechatronics in 4.0 industrial revolution;
Prof. dr Nebojsa Bojovic, the dean of the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering of the University of Belgrade on the topic Transport and logistics in the age of industry 4.0.

The highly attended conference was attended by members of the Serbian Academy of Engineering, representatives of collective members of the Association as well as numerous interested experts from universities, institutes and various companies. 





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